How to use the mBgeoReader plugin (a plug in for maya for importing polygon and point information)

Clean unwanted and excess attributes from Geo

  1. In houdini append a attibute sop to your geometry you wish to export.
  2. For each of the tabs (point/vertex/primitive/detail) insert * to the attributes to delete.
  3. Use ^N if you wish to preseve normal information on the point tab.
  4. use the delete tab on the group node to all groups
  5. Append a ROP sop and set the file path +export the geo.

Load the Geo in maya

  1. select the mbgeoReaderNode tab in the attibute editor
  2. set the path to the bgeo written via houdini (you can use $F4 syntax for zero padded files)
  3. set the level of verbosity
  4. append .gz to the filename if you wish to read gzipped files
  5. for motion bur you can use $FF, if you have exported float frames in houdini